The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

I have received a number of emails on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill. This Bill has since passed its Second Reading and will move forward to be scrutinised by a committee of the whole House.

NHS and GP funding

I have held a number of meetings with local GPs and listened to their concerns that they are under-funded in coping with the increasing pressures they face today. Their funding has gone up over the last few years in cash terms, but the percentage of the NHS funding which is allocated to them has reduced.

I have taken this matter up with the Health Secretary, and I’m pleased to say that he responded favourably, announcing that £2.4bn a year will be injected into GP services by 2020.

The A417: Addressing the missing link

Following meetings between Gloucestershire MPs and the Secretary of State for Transport we have received an assurance that work is scheduled to begin in 2020. I welcome the Government's commitment to addressing this well known issue in the area and look forward to this work being carried out in order to bring investment to the area and enhance the safety of all our constituents. 

Fairness for Farmers

I meet with the local NFU monthly to hear about their concerns regarding a wide range of issues. I table questions regularly on areas of interest to our vital farming community.