Dogs Trust- Puppy Smuggling Taskforce

Very proud to support Dogs Trust and join the #puppysmuggling taskforce! It’s important that we put a stop to this horrific trade and ensure that we prevent any more puppies from suffering.

Frustratingly, much of this abuse could be easily prevented. We are calling for:

• Increased maximum penalties for those caught illegally importing dogs, together with the introduction of Fixed Penalty Notices;

• The minimum age for all puppies being imported into the UK to be increased to six months old, this will make them less desirable for prospective buyers and should thus deter deceitful puppy smugglers from this activity in the first place.

As we approach the end of the UK’s transition period to exit the EU, we finally have the opportunity to fundamentally change the legislation, as the importation of dogs is currently regulated by EU legislation. 

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