The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

I have received a number of emails on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill. This Bill has since passed its Second Reading and will move forward to be scrutinised by a committee of the whole House.

The bill is a technical device to achieve three simple aims:

1. Repeal the European Communities Act, remove the supremacy of EU law and return control to the UK.

2. Convert EU law into UK law where appropriate, giving businesses continuity to operate in the knowledge that nothing has changed overnight, and providing certainty that rights and obligations will not be subject to sudden change.

3. Create the necessary temporary powers to correct the laws that no longer operate appropriately, so that our legal system continues to function outside the EU.

Our plan is to simply transfer EU law into UK law, but the bill takes into account that not every European law will work perfectly when it is converted into UK law. That is why the bill contains powers to make corrections to the law, 'subject to certain safeguards', to ensure that all of our laws continue to operate effectively.

This parliamentary vote ensures that our country’s statute book can continue to function at the point we leave the European Union.