NHS and GP funding

I have held a number of meetings with local GPs and listened to their concerns regarding funding and the pressures they are facing. Their funding has gone up over the last few years in cash terms, but the percentage of the NHS funding which is allocated to them has reduced. I therefore took the matter up with the Health Secretary, and I’m pleased to say that he responded favourably, announcing £2.4bn a year to be injected into GP services by 2020.

I’m also working to try to get a replacement surgery in or near Prestbury, as the doctors there now are moving their surgery to Bishop’s Cleeve. In addition to this, I have raised the importance of community pharmacies and their role in reducing pressures on GP Surgeries. It is key that we continue to make people aware that advice on minor ailments and other issues can be sought at community pharmacies, so that appointments are available at GP surgeries for those who really need them. I also raised the issue of Community Pharmacy Funding with the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Community Health and Care.