Save Cheltenham’s A&E

I have long campaigned for an A&E to be retained at Cheltenham. It is no reflection on the hard-working staff at Gloucester Royal Hospital to say that I don’t believe that hospital has the facilities to fully cope with some of the work they have now, let alone with any extra work which they would have to undertake if Cheltenham’s A&E were to be transferred to Gloucester. There is also the question of geography. Obviously, it is important for some patients to be able to be arrive at an A&E as quickly as possible, and some areas of the County are quite a travelling time from Gloucester. My constituents, especially those in Prestbury, Swindon Village, Bishop’s Cleeve and Winchcombe (as well as others) would identify more closely with Cheltenham rather than Gloucester.

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However, I am concerned that local health chiefs are considering closing Cheltenham’s A&E. I am therefore working with Alex Chalk MP and asking constituents to register their support for Cheltenham’s A&E by signing a petition, which can be accessed here

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