Increasing trade with Africa

I have had a number of excellent discussions this week with representatives from across Africa on trade and other issues.

Airbus Announcement

I’m pleased that Airbus are looking to invest in Northern Ireland. It is a welcome boost to the security of jobs and production in the area and I wish them well in their endeavours.

Ashchurch Brownies learn about Parliament

Ashchurch Brownies show me their paintings of the Houses of Parliament this evening. I enjoyed visiting and having a questions and answers session with them. Thanks to the 'Owls' for inviting me.

Meeting with the National Autistic Society

Great to chat about importance of autism understanding in the workplace and the #AutismTMI campaign with the National Autistic Society at Conservative Party Conference. #CPC17

Docklands Victims Association

I'm incredibly honoured to be presented with a Metropolitan Police shield and photograph from the Docklands Victims Association, as an acknowledgement of the work of the Northern Ireland Committee on legacy issues and the victims of terrorism.