Latest Covid-19 Measures

Thank you to those who took the time to contact me regarding the government’s latest covid-19 measures. This is a very important issue as it affects people’s actual lives and their jobs, and the government is trying to strike a balance between the two.

COVID-19 Information

We must stay alert. We must continue to control the virus and save lives.

Kickstart scheme

Businesses across the UK can sign up to be part of the governments landmark £2 billion Kickstart scheme. Businesses can take part on their own or can group together with others to do so.

GCSE, BTEC & A Level Grades

This has been an extraordinarily difficult year for young people who have been unable to take their exams due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

£400 million funding to the UK aerospace sector

Aerospace is very important to my constituency and I therefore welcome the government’s announcement of a further £400 million of public and private sector funding to pay for cutting-edge aerospace research and development projects.

The Prime Minister has set out our ‘New Deal’

The Prime Minister has set out our ‘New Deal’, an ambitious economic strategy to rebuild Britain across the UK, putting jobs, skills and infrastructure investment at the heart of our economic recovery post-coronavirus, and delivering on our manifesto pledges to level up the entire country.

Global Britan- Question to the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister announced that he is merging the Foreign & Commonwealth Office with the Department for International Development so that the UK’s interests are better protected and that we can better target our aid budget.

Dominic Cummings Statement

I have refrained from making public comment on the issue relating to Dominic Cummings until I was certain that most of the facts had come out and the context had been put in place. While more information may well yet emerge, I believe we now have a good understanding of the situation.