Health Visitors Lobby

With Health Visitors Jenny and Elizabeth on their visit to the House of Commons discussing funding for health visitor services. We've agreed to meet again in Tewkesbury to discuss the issues they raised with me today.

Winchcombe School visit to Parliament

Holding a meeting in the House of Commons with pupils and staff from Winchcombe School, discussing the work and role of Members of Parliament. It was really good to welcome everyone, and to get them a tour of the Palace and places in the gallery to observe the action in the Commons chamber.

Late shift with Gloucestershire Police

I had the privilege to go on a late shift with our local police. Our local police carry out excellent work in our communities with great dedication and professionalism. I would particularly like to thank John and James at the Bamfurlong Unit. Keep up the good work on behalf of us all.

Cotteswold Dairy

Visiting excellent local business Cotteswold Dairy this morning.

Probate Proposals

I welcome that there will be no immediate increase in probate fees. I will continue to oppose such changes moving forward.

Brockworth Community Project

On a visit to the Brockworth Community Project. Helped by 30 volunteers, they run a range of activities from the library which are of benefit to many people.

Parliamentary Questions

Recently tabled Parliamentary Questions

Each week I am contacted regarding a broad range of issues. Here are a number of questions I have tabled this month in response to issues raised.


Ishida Europe Visit

On a visit to Ishida Europe today. They manufacture, assemble and customise food packaging machinery. Although outside my area at Halesowen, I am discussing ways in which this company can increase its exports to Africa as part of my work in this respect.

Article 50 triggered

I am ever mindful of the concerns which some people have, and respect them, but I'm pleased today that the Prime Minister has started the process of regaining our independence and restoring full sovereign democracy to our great country. And she did it on my 59th birthday - what a gift!