Westminster News

Vote of Confidence

 I apologise for the length of this post, but I wanted to give you the full picture of why I have taken the stances and actions I have, because I did not arrive at those decisions lightly.


Update: Brexit Negotiations

I cannot support the proposals made by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet yesterday. Neither, it seems, could the Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, who has resigned.

Trade mission to Rwanda and Uganda

Last month, I led a trade mission to Uganda and Rwanda with two businesses operating in the UK. We met with British High Commissioner to Rwanda, Jo Lomas, in addition to visiting companies and factories across Kigali and Kampala.

Conservative Party Conference

I have just returned from Conservative Party Conference, which is not only a time for discussing party political issues, but to meet with a wide range of charities and organisations to discuss their campaigns.

UPDATE: Brexit Proposals

As someone who campaigned and voted for Brexit myself, I have a lot of concerns about the proposals made at Chequers regarding the terms on which we will leave the European Union.

The Countryside Matters

With the Country & Landowners Association President, Ross Murray, at an event in the Commons to highlight the importance of looking after the countryside. 

The Autism Dividend

Attending a drop-in event organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Autism discussing the latest issues and challenges in autism and autism research.

Increasing trade with Africa

I have had a number of excellent discussions this week with representatives from across Africa on trade and other issues.

Airbus Announcement

I’m pleased that Airbus are looking to invest in Northern Ireland. It is a welcome boost to the security of jobs and production in the area and I wish them well in their endeavours.

Docklands Victims Association

I'm incredibly honoured to be presented with a Metropolitan Police shield and photograph from the Docklands Victims Association, as an acknowledgement of the work of the Northern Ireland Committee on legacy issues and the victims of terrorism.