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BEIS Questions: UK Manufacturing Industry

Speaking at Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy questions today, refuting the claim that ”we don’t make things in this country anymore”.

The UK has an excellent manufacturing industry, with world-leading, cutting edge technology manufactured in the Tewkesbury constituency alone.

Westminster Africa Business Group Annual Reception

Last night I hosted the Westminster Africa Business Group's Annual Reception in Parliament. The group was formed in 1947 and is non-profit making organisation with the primary objective of bringing together politicians and businesses to the benefit of the UK and Africa.

500 extra medical school places

Today, the Health Secretary announced 500 extra medical school places for next year – boosting student doctor numbers.

Arthritis UK

Supporting Arthritis Research UK in the Commons today.

NFU in Parliament

Supporting British farmers with NFU Vice President Minette Batters in the House of Commons.

UK Aid

At a Westminster event supporting UK aid. I believe it needs to be properly focused and delivered, as well as being transparent and accountable, but I have personally seen the way our aid helps to save lives.

Health Visitors Lobby

With Health Visitors Jenny and Elizabeth on their visit to the House of Commons discussing funding for health visitor services. We've agreed to meet again in Tewkesbury to discuss the issues they raised with me today.

Winchcombe School visit to Parliament

Holding a meeting in the House of Commons with pupils and staff from Winchcombe School, discussing the work and role of Members of Parliament. It was really good to welcome everyone, and to get them a tour of the Palace and places in the gallery to observe the action in the Commons chamber.

Probate Proposals

I welcome that there will be no immediate increase in probate fees. I will continue to oppose such changes moving forward.

Parliamentary Questions


Much of the content on this website was established while I was a Member of Parliament. As Parliament has been dissolved there are no MPs until after the General Election on 8 June 2017.

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