Conservative Leadership


I should like to thank all those people who have contacted me to let me have their views on the leadership election. We stand at a crucial point in the nation’s history and I’m grateful for all the messages I’ve received.

Having taken all these comments into account, after a great deal of thought and discussion, and having talked to the candidates and watched them in action over a number of years, I’ve cast my vote for Andrea Leadsom.


Without in any way disparaging the other candidates, I believe Andrea is best placed to bring to the leadership of the Conservative Party vision, competence, courage, experience, energy and warmth, and that she would use those assets to great advantage in No 10.


Also, while wanting to heal any rifts in the Conservative Party and in the country following the Brexit vote, I believe that it is best to have someone leading the negotiations about our withdrawal from the EU who actually believes that this is the best road for the UK to take. Andrea led from the front on that issue from day one.


We now await the results!