Local Engagements


Today I had the opportunity to visit Moog’s new building and business premises at Tewkesbury. Moog is an excellent company, with a very dedicated team, and employ about 400 people in Tewkesbury.

I also visited Southwick Park school, which carries out tremendous work with children who have autism and other learning difficulties. They currently educate, and often house, these children. Currently they employ around 150 staff, but are looking for more – anyone looking for a teaching/caring role should get in touch with the head,  Louise Tully-Middleton to discuss the possibilities. It was a privilege to visit the school.

Finally, I held a meeting with Trish Thomas, who runs the Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBS) Group. Here we discussed how help available to people suffering bereavement through suicide can be promoted, and also how government and Parliament might help. More information on how to contact the group can be found on the "useful contacts" section of my website.