Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Kathryn and Max Robinson to hear about their work on educational projects in Ethiopia. Kathryn and Max have, over the years, set up a Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School, primarily for children of adults with disabilities. Overall, the school has around 1400 pupils, and although there are volunteers from outside the country, the vast majority of staff are from Ethiopia. The school has an excellent academic record and offers opportunities for more disadvantaged children to be educated all the way up to University level. Fees operate on a sliding scale depending on circumstances of each family, and there are also pupils which are sponsored by private individuals.   

The next goal for Kathryn and Max is to develop a Technical and Vocational Training College. This will allow those students not going through the University system to learn high quality practical skills such as plumbing and agricultural skills. You can find out much more about their school and other projects on their website, and I would encourage you to do so as this new project moves forward.


Website:  http://www.rainbows4children.org/

Email: info@rainbows4children.org