UPDATE: Brexit Proposals

As someone who campaigned and voted for Brexit myself, I have a lot of concerns about the proposals made at Chequers regarding the terms on which we will leave the European Union.

At this stage, these are, of course, just proposals which the government intends to present to the EU. It could be the case, however, that the EU would object to some of these and make counter-proposals, which are likely to be worse (from a Brexit point of view) than those presented by the government. At the end of the process, Parliament will vote on the proposed deal, but it could well be too late then to make any significant improvements.

My concerns about the current proposals centre round the extent to which we would still be obeying rules made in Brussels and the continuing influence of the European Court of Justice. These concerns are shared by a great many other Conservative MPs as well as a number of constituents who have contacted me.

Please be assured, therefore, that I will continue to work with other MPs to try to move the government towards making proposals which are more in keeping with the Prime Minister’s often made pledge that Brexit means Brexit.