It was good to meet members of my constituency in Westminster for The Time is Now campaign.  Together we discussed climate change, plastic pollution and actions we can take to reach the net-zero emission target in 2050.  My team have made a note of your comments and will be looking to see what mo

Latest Flood Information

Working with the Environment Agency who are still busy working across the area checking that gates and sluices are free from blockages and debris build-up so that flood water can move quickly through the system.

Sue Ryder hospice, Leckhampton

I was pleased to visit the Sue Ryder hospice at Leckhampton and meet manager Elise Hoadley. I was given a copy of A Better Grief which basically launches a campaign to put systems in place to help people through bereavement better.


Cheltenham Medical Centre

It is really encouraging to see proposals for a brand new £9 million GP super-surgery on the old Prestbury Day Care Centre on Prestbury Road.


Earlier this year, with my wife, family and friends I visited Normandy to see some of the beaches and bridges which were so important in 1944 when the Allied troops invaded. Today, on 6th June, D-Day, I pay tribute to those brave people who took part in that invasion.

Planting a tree at Puckrup

I was very pleased to plant a tree at Puckrup in celebration of 100 years of the Hilton Hotel brand. Congratulations to all the staff who work there.

The Prime Minister

Theresa May resigned as leader of the Conservative Party on 7th June. She will remain as Prime Minister until the Party elects a new leader, a process which will end around the third week of July.

All Party Parliamentary Group on Racing

I recently chaired a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Racing with the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). I chaired a further meeting with the BHA, attended by the new Chairman of the BHA, AnneMarie Phelps, to discuss animal welfare.

Non-stun slaughter of animals

I led a debate on banning non-stun slaughter of animals, an issue which is of great concern to me personally, but also to my constituents and the wider public.

School funding

I held a very useful meeting with the Schools Minister, Nick Gibb, and Headteachers from across the Tewkesbury constituency to discuss school funding.