Excellent Employment Figures

In the last few days we have seen reports of record number of people (32.81m) in work:

  • This includes a record number of women in work and a record number of people with disabilities.
  • The employment rate of 76.1% is up by 5.9 percentage points since 2010. This is the percentage of the working-age population who are working.
  • Unemployment at 1.33m is down by 1.18m since 2010. The unemployment rate of 3.9% is down 4.1 percentage points since 2010.
  • Youth unemployment has been almost halved since 2010.

Low unemployment and youth unemployment

The number of unemployed claimants in the Tewkesbury constituency (1.8% of 16-64 year olds) is half the national average rate. Similarly, the number of youth unemployed claimants (16-24 year olds) is about half the national average.