General Election

The House of Commons has finally voted to hold a General election and the agreed date is Thursday 12th December. Holding an early election was not the Prime Minister’s preference, but as it was proving impossible to deliver Brexit he was left with no other option. It was also difficult to deliver any other legislation, including a budget, and he couldn’t allow that situation to continue.

While Brexit is likely to dominate the forthcoming campaign, I hope that we will get onto other issues as well. There is much good work going on in terms of the NHS, schools, police and infrastructure, for example, and we need to focus on those issues as well.

For my part, it is my intention to seek re-election in the Tewkesbury constituency and I look forward to making contact with as many people as possible during the coming weeks. Technically I won’t be a Member of Parliament after Parliament has been dissolved, but I will still be happy to help local people with any issues they may have. The best way of contacting me during that time will be on or on 01684 291640.