Westminster News

Article 50 triggered

I am ever mindful of the concerns which some people have, and respect them, but I'm pleased today that the Prime Minister has started the process of regaining our independence and restoring full sovereign democracy to our great country. And she did it on my 59th birthday - what a gift! 

Meeting on East Africa drought

With the Ethiopian Ambassador discussing the drought which is affecting East Africa. The failure of the rains has left millions of people in need of food aid.

National Lottery Week

Great to hear about how Tewkesbury has benefitted from National Lottery funding as part of #NatLotteryWeek in Parliament

Maritime Connects

Tonight I hosted the launch of Maritime Connects which aims to increase global and Commonwealth trade.  

Week in Parliament: 23rd January 2017

Home Office Questions: called for foreign student numbers to be separately identified when immigration figures are announced, as they bring much money to the UK. Students are internationally classified as migrants, but this is misleading.

Supreme Court Ruling

The majority judgement in the Supreme Court regarding triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty did not come as a surprise. It is based on the premise that triggering Article 50 would begin an irreversible process which would lead to the UK leaving the EU.

Current issues in Northern Ireland

This weekend I wrote a piece on the current situation in Northern Ireland and the debate surrounding the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme for the Belfast Telegraph.